Monday, July 20, 2009

Wise words from David Zaslav

The 50 or so interns at the Silver Spring office had the pleasure today to meet with David Zaslav, the President and CEO of Discovery Communications. A very busy man, he took about an hour to come speak with us and answer some questions. I was pleasantly surprised with how real he seemed, in the sense that he was extremely powerful and influential yet extremely relatable. His message was simple and at the same time resonated with all of the interns: find what are passionate about and find what you are good at and try to build your professional life around those things. He reiterated that not everyone is good at everything and everyone is challenged by certain things. For the attributes that you lack or are challenged by, build in strategies in your work to improve these things but find a job which highlights your strengths. Always have a positive attitude because people will perceive you as being positive and want to work with your more.

Simple words but very helpful. I think everyone was happy to have the chance to listen to him speak and pleased to hear him talk about his experiences.

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