Thursday, August 13, 2009

T- minus 6 days

Only 6 more days of my internship, I really can't believe it! So much so that it is almost 1 am, I have to be up in less than 6 hours but since I have been remiss in updating this blog recently I figured I would reflect for a few minutes.

So with only 6 days left I feel like I have so much to do. A lot of organizing and making sense of everything that I have worked on this summer. Stephen(shoutout!), my manager, asked me to compile a Discovery Education Communications Intern Booklet to pass on to the next DE Communications intern. It has been a good project for me because it has forced me to think about the Communications Profession, everything that I have worked on while at Discovery Education and what lessons I have learned from the summer.

In addition to everything going on in Discovery Education, about 9 other interns and I volunteered to work on a project for Planet Green-- a Discovery network focused entirely on living a "green" lifestyle. Rob Jacobson, the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Planet Green, asked the Silver Spring interns about a month back to look into various social media platforms and evaluate how they can best be used, or not be used by Planet Green and their sister site A lot of time passed from when he offered us the opportunity to when we received more information about the project but we have a small, dedicated group working on the project. And might I add, all 5 Discovery Education interns volunteered to work on the project--- We are well represented! Our presentation to Rob is next wednesday and we have had very limited time to put it together but it should be an interesting experience and I am happy we have the opportunity to do things like present to top executives! We are all really working hard on this and I am excited for the presentation.

Ok now it is time for bed.

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